Expert Poster Review

Your Free Design Review

Does your poster make the best use of space, fonts, and color?
Want to make sure your poster follows best practices for design?

Well good news, we’re offering free design review for IHA Health Literacy Conference poster presenters! Simply send a draft of your poster to our health literacy design consultant for an expert review within 6 business days.

Our health literacy design consultant will spend up to an hour reviewing your overall poster layout, paying special attention to the length of content and use of fonts, colors, imagery, and tables. Then, he will email you a list of design and formatting recommendations on how you could make your poster even better.

Click here to send in your poster for expert review. Remember to attach a copy of your poster in Microsoft Word. If your poster isn’t in Word, you can also send your poster in PowerPoint or PDF.

About the Expert

Gil Velazquez is a professional graphic designer experienced in scientific poster design. He has over 20 years of experience in design and specializes in incorporating health literacy principles to make content that is clear, concise, and easy-to-use.

Gil’s poster review approach takes into account the use of appropriate colors, graphics, and fonts which can be read and interpreted at a comfortable distance. His recommendations will help you present your data in a way that drives a conclusive message for your audience.

Gil Velazquez, Health Literacy Design Consultant