2019 Exhibitors

These are the current exhibitors for the current 2019 conference year:

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For over 20 years, Avantpage has empowered immigrants to achieve their American dream through language services. We specialize in translating, localizing, and formatting media in over 150 languages for the public and private sectors, concentrated in the government and healthcare industries. With partnerships ranging from national and local health plans to departments of health and county health systems, we understand the nuanced needs of your communities, member bases, and internal staff. We take great pride in helping our clients communicate effectively with the Limited English Proficient populations they serve, and thus make it possible for people from different cultures to thrive in their new country. We believe in showing Empathy Beyond Words, in understanding the human qualities of our audiences, and that there is no language into which the American dream will not translate. At our core we follow these three principles: Rigor – what we do, we do well; Empathy – we create a culture of warmth and understanding; Opportunity – we have the courage to shape a better future. Choosing the right translation services provider for your company can be a challenging process. When you choose Avantpage, you can expect our very best with every project we tackle.
Visit: http://www.avantpage.com/

CommGap Group

CommGap is a full-service international communications agency providing spoken word interpretation, document translation, voice-over, website development, language testing, cultural consulting and localization into any of the world’s languages. CommGap provides language services for a variety of settings, topics, and group size and has been a leader in the language industry for over twenty years. CommGap serves medical/pharmaceutical, marketing, technical and business clients. We specialize in transcreation services and localization of high stakes certification exams.

CommGap offers over 200 languages and Desk Top Publishing into a variety of formats. We also have an exclusive APP to facilitate access to both translation and interpretation services.

Health Literacy Connections (formerly Plain Language Works)

Get connected to expert health literacy coaching, training, consulting, and resources in organizational health literacy. If you’re in healthcare, public health, insurance, research, or a government agency, we can help your organization become more “health literate.” We can also help your organization ensure your consumer and patient-facing information is reader-friendly and in plain language. Check with us for a free document review. We can show you whether your information is really in plain language.

What makes us stand out? We provide structured, on-going training and coaching which are more effective than random information from the internet or a smattering of learnings at a conference once a year. We use live, on-line video in groups and individually—saving you out-of-office time and travel costs. We also deliver in-person training on site.

Our clients, present and past, include dozens of healthcare organizations and systems across the U.S., public health departments, Institute for Healthcare Advancement (we edited several books in the What to Do series), Rand, National Cancer Institute, Pfizer, universities, and courts.

Health Literacy Innovations (HLI)

Health Literacy Innovations (HLI) was founded to help the health care industry eliminate consumer confusion and mistakes from low health literacy.

Its flagship product, the Health Literacy Advisor™ (in Spanish—Asesor de Comunicación en Salud™) is the nation’s first interactive health literacy software tool. Using plain language, health literacy principles and simple technology, the HLA helps its users to produce health information consumers can read, understand and act on.

HLI believes if it can help the health care industry evaluate, standardize, and produce clear consumer health information, it can help improve the nation’s health literacy challenge one word at a time.

International Health Literacy Association (IHLA)

The International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) is a non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to the professional development of our members and the health literacy field. Our mission is to unite people around the world working to promote health literacy. Our vision is health literacy for all. Health Literacy has not bounders and neither does IHLA.. We welcome people from around the world, from all walks of life and professions to join us. Together we create an international voice for health literacy. Together our passion for health literacy can change the world. Become a member at www.i-hla.org.


KidsHealth from Nemours is a nonprofit devoted to providing families with practical knowledge & emotional support. KidsHealth creates patient engagement solutions that educate and motivate parents, kids, teens, and caregivers. Content is available for license and includes pediatric patient instructions accessed through the EMR; online consumer-friendly education for websites and social media; and condition-specific videos available for all care settings.

To schedule a meeting or to learn more about KidsHealth, contact Jeffrey Santoro at Santoro@KidsHealth.org or 302-651-4106. For further information, visit: provider.KidsHealth.org.


Established in 1988, NCHEC is the only accredited U.S. certifying agency for the health education and promotion industry. NCHEC is a highly recognized and well respected credentialing organization administering two professional credentialing programs including the CHES®, designed for entry-level health education specialists, and the MCHES®, targeted to advanced-level practitioners. For more information about NCHEC’s certification programs, visit: www.nchec.org/overview.


OPATRA is an internationally acclaimed brand recognized for its unique 100% customer oriented approach, and therefore gained its global prominence within the skincare industry.

At OPATRA, we turn leading scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations into potent skincare solutions. Since 2010 we’ve been pioneering easy-to-use devices that help all skin types look firmer, younger, brighter, and more beautiful. In fact, the Dermisonic, our flagship multi-action device, is renowned the world over for its non-surgical facelift effects.

But OPATRA clients don’t just enjoy groundbreaking devices and skincare. They also receive exceptional customer service to help them feel confident, comfortable, and cared-for every step of the way, visit: https://int.opatra.com/.


SeaCrest provides expert guidance and customized solutions to organizations seeking to strengthen their certification programs through third-party accreditation, effective marketing and communication, and efficient certification program management. SeaCrest will be the leader in providing solutions for organizations seeking to improve their programs, maximize resources, increase efficiency, and enhance performance with a focus on certification. SeaCrest’s principal partners, Janice Moore and Cynthia Allen, have more than 20 years of combined experience in professional certification, accreditation, and marketing and communications. visit: www.seacrestcompany.com/.

University of Redlands

The University of Redlands offers various programs within our School of Education and School of Business. We offer both graduate level degrees and California teaching/service credentials.

For more information please visit us at https://www.redlands.edu/study/schools-and-centers/school-of-education/.

Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA)

IHA is a non-profit public benefit charity dedicated to empowering people to better help. Stop by to learn about our books, health literacy consulting services, discussion list, and more.