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If you have any questions or would to contact us about the conference please do so at conference@iha4health.org.

About IHA's 20th Annual Virtual Health Literacy Conference

Thank you for your interest in the IHA's 20th Annual Virtual Health Literacy Conference that will be offered May 25 - 27, 2021. The conference will once again be 100% virtual.

This premier conference had over 2,400 registrants in 2020, attendees were from a wide-array of healthcare settings including clinical, public health, education, research, and advocacy who wish to learn about and share best practices for improving health literacy. The conference goal is to discuss how to use our collective expertise and the agencies in which we work to better serve our communities and start the healing process.

This year’s 3-day conference will provide 25+ diverse and engaging presentations and speakers including the following session types:

  • Pre-conference 
  • Plenaries
  • Live Lectures
  • Workshops

What’s New for 2021

  • Personal Conference Planner
  • Social Media Wall
  • On-Demand Sessions
  • Interactive ePoster Gallery
  • Topical Discussion Threads and Polls
  • Enhanced Networking
    • Connection Cafés
    • Peer to Peer Video Chats
    • Direct Messaging with
      • Speakers
      • Peers
      • Poster Presenters
  • Plus much more...

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All 2020 conference archived content and videos are available at this link.


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