Registration Opens March 2023

Registration $99

This year, for the 2023 IHA Health Literacy Virtual Conference, we are charging a modest amount of $99 for tuition. For the past 3 years we have waived tuition because the pandemic caused many obstacles, and we did not want to be one of them. We knew that many individuals needed to continue earning continuing education hours to retain licenses, and due to travel restrictions and safety concerns, options were limited.

Though the pandemic is not over, circumstances are starting to shift. More people are attending in-person conferences. There are more virtual offerings available. And companies are starting to reinstate education allowances in their budgets. 

The decision to start charging tuition again was not taken lightly. We did some benchmarking of other virtual conferences and decided to discount tuition well below these rates. We also looked at our own costs to put on a virtual conference that looked and felt professional, and that met as many of your needs as we could accommodate. Though these costs are less than those for an in-person conference, they are still considerable.

We are proud of the fact that we have been able to give you, the members of the health literacy community, a quality educational experience for the last 3 years at no cost to you. And we hope this has provided value to you.

We will continue to put together the best conference experience we can. We look forward to seeing you once again in May 2023.